Start screen of Routago Assist with all five modules
Start screen of Routago Assist with all five modules
Text Routago Assist Safe pedestrian navigation for blind and visually impaired people
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Self-determined mobility through an assistance app on the iPhone

Unique worldwide safe pedestrian navigation

More safety, self-determination and above all relief for your mobility in everyday life

Extensive features to assist blind and visually impaired people on all their ways

The digital assistance app for your self-determined mobility on your iPhone

Accessible, understandable and of course optimized for easy operation with voice-over

Cutting-edge AI technology for individual adaptation to your personal needs

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Routago Assist is currently available in the App Stores only in Germany, Switzerland and Austria. But stay tuned – we are working on it.

How does Routago Assist supports you?


Screen of the navigation function using an example of a safe pedestrian routing

Our unique routing technology finds the safe and barrier-free route optimized for you as a pedestrian.

You can walk the route simulated in advance, so you can already memorize the route exactly.

Once you are on the road, you will be guided by detailed and precise instructions, pointing out obstacles and special situations.

Points of Interest

Screen of the surroundings function. A list with direction information in clock format, the distance and the object name is displayed.

In the environment section you can find interesting points and objects around your current location.

These can be buildings, stores, restaurants, street crossings, bus stops or even park benches, mailboxes and numerous other points-of-interest.

My ways

The function My Ways shows a recorded track on the map that is now to be tracked. Below it the direction arrow is shown and in the lower part of the screen the distance, duration and running speed are displayed

Record your paths while you are on the road. Exactly the way you want to walk them.

Create a library of your own unique routes.

Share your routes with other users or get suggestions from other users.

Object recognition

The object detection function. This is the camera image with the marking of detected objects. In the image shown, a complex traffic situation is detected. A car is parked at an intersection, behind it a woman is crossing the street. She is pushing a bicycle. All three objects are detected.

Object detection identifies specific objects in the video image of your iPhone/iPad camera.

Have detected objects, such as people or cars, announced to you with their approximate distances.

Why Routago?

Ein heute übliches gefährliches Routing: Der Weg wird quer über eine sehr große mehrspurige Kreuzung vorgeschlagen

Because such paths are suggested to you in the popular apps:

  • In the middle of the road

  • Across multilane roads

  • Without safe crossings

  • Between cars and trams

For pedestrians impossible, risky and even life-threatening!

Go the safe, barrier-free way with Routago

Safe road crossings

Routago uses safe crossings with pedestrian lights or crosswalks whenever possible instead of accident-prone free street crossings.

Sidewalks along the roads

Routago considers sidewalks on the street side instead of routing in the middle of the street.

Ways specifically for people

Routago guides on special paths for pedestrians, on underpasses and overpasses, and in pedestrian zones instead of on roads for car traffic.