Routago Smart Navigation Technologie. Bild zeigt Logo und Piktogramme für die Anwendungsgebiete Fußgängernavigation, barrierefreie Navigation für seh- und gehbehinderte Menschen und Rollstuhlfahrer, Sichere navigation für Kinder, navigation für Fahrrad, Bus und Logistik

Routago® Technology

Routago is a comprehensive technology platform for mobility that does not just take place on the road.

Holistic and sustainable mobility must be based on people’s needs and not on changing individual modes of transport.

The Routago technology as a map with its fields of application. A graphical recording of our presentation at the German Digital Award 2020

Graphic Recording: Dalibor Relic & Helge Windisch

Precise navigation for everyone and everything
that not only belongs on the road

Today’s navigation systems are primarily designed for roads and thus for cars. However, off-road navigation places considerably higher demands on the suitability, precision and correctness of route guidance than commercially available navigation solutions can provide today.

That means in practice

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Use of pedestrian footpaths off the road

Safe crossing of roads, here with pedestrian lights with sound

Guidance on safe sidewalks along the roads

Paths from door to door and not just to the nearest street


  • Routago finds safe routes in cities and in the countryside

  • Routago is the only available solution with worldwide coverage

  • Routago is based on innovative AI technology for roadside-aware route planning

  • Routago extends the geodata by algorithmic addition specifically for pedestrians

  • Routago provides precise route guidance with accurate navigation instructions

  • Routago uses the integrated sensors of the smartphone or uses external sensors

  • Routago continuously improves through machine learning

  • Routago is flexible and customizable for user groups and use cases

  • Routago develops highly specialized algorithms to push technical boundaries

Numerous use cases

AI-based application profiles enable versatile use of Routago technology and data:

  • Real pedestrian navigation

  • Audio-tactile navigation for visually impaired people

  • Accessible navigation for wheelchair users

  • Autonomous delivery vehicles

  • Urban micro-mobility with e-scooters, e-bikes, etc.

  • Digital Biomarker

Just try for yourself, on which safe routes we guide blind and visually impaired people.

Let’s try it!

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Auszeichnung Routago Gewinner bei der European Satellite Navigation Competition 2018

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